Why Amardeep Steel Centre Is Leading the Industry in India

“Amandeep Steel Plant is a famous industrial plant run by Tenders and Essar Company for the purpose of making tubes, pipes, plates, fittings etc out of various steel materials. The production is of different kinds i.e. pipe, plate, bracket, etc. The raw material used in this plant is – Steel, Copper, Brass, Silver, Chromium etc.

amardeep steel centre

The year 1984 saw the formation of this major steel manufacturing company in India, named as Amendeep Steel Plant. Its first commercial product was Tubing, made from Steel and proved to be a huge success. Following this, the company started other products like tubes, pipe fittings etc that were equally successful. A significant growth was registered in the business in the year 1986. Then, the year 1987 saw development of a huge range of products like components, welding, pipe fittings, shaft seal, fitting accessories etc which were hugely successful. With the new improved quality standards and with the introduction of new raw materials like Titanium in the year 1990, the business has grown more in the ensuing years and has attained new financial strength.

The main customers of amardeep steel centre are India, Japan and China, but worldwide recognition is always recognized. This is because of its unique quality in the manufacturing of steel products. It is said that there is no other manufacturing house in the world that can deliver quality goods at less price like Amandeep steel centre. The main products manufactured here are – Steel tubes (tubing, coil, linear, curved), Cylinder Frames, Cold forming equipment, Air Jet Cylinder Frames, Manually operated Cylinder Framing Machines, Cold forging equipment, Tube sheets (precision tubes) and many more. These products are made through the utilization of high standard industrial raw materials and techniques, which are the main reason behind their durability and heavy weight.

The company has always been reliable in the eyes of the customers and that’s why they have been able to build such a long term relationship with their clients. The products manufactured by Amandeep steel centre have impressed their buyers and thereby gained their trust. That is the reason why these products are used by so many industries and construction companies. Apart from India, countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, South Africa and others worldwide are using these pre-engineered metal tubes. Such countries are increasing their demand for the product and therefore the market of this company has grown worldwide.

India has a major advantage over other countries in using these industrial raw materials. For starters, India is well positioned in the Indian Ocean. Due to its geographical positioning, India enjoys a good supply of fuel and other essential raw materials required in the production process. Another benefit India enjoys is that it can access most of the world markets through its coastline and thus enjoy a diversified export portfolio. This has further given Amandeep steel centre a major role in ensuring that Indian manufacturers gain maximum exposure and share of the global market.

Now, as I mentioned earlier that India is well positioned in the Indian Ocean, where most of the world’s manufacturing furnace heat exchangers are manufactured. The second reason why Amandeep steel centre is leading the industry in India is that it is the only registered vendor in India of all the furnace heat exchangers. Moreover the leading furnace heat exchangers’ manufacturer in India is Sycom, who is also listed as a Semiconductor Manufacturer. These two companies have been an integral part of each other’s operations since more than 30 years now. So it is very much certain that if any of the two companies were to stop manufacturing here, there will be a very great loss to both of them.

Another reason why Amardeep steel centre is leading the industry in India is that it has built its own state of the art Industrial Processing Plants (IPPs). The company has completed developing four IPPs in India. These four plants are located at Kolkata, Vellore, Chennai and Nagpur. Each of these IPPs are developed with state of the art technology and modern machinery that ensure that the production process is carried out to the fullest while leaving the plant fully operational. These four plants not only give full co-ordination to the entire operation but also ensure that the quality of each and every product that is manufactured is of the highest quality.

The last reason why Amardeep steel centre is leading the industry in India is that it has got one of the largest stock piles of pipes and fitting which are required for the manufacture of pipes and fitting. The raw material like pipes is acquired from many suppliers all over the world but due to its importance it is necessary that it should be acquired from a single source so as to control its sourcing process. Due to this reason only few companies like Amendeep steel centre are able to acquire this great amount of raw material. These few companies apart from acquiring great raw materials have one of the biggest inventories of all types of pipes and fitting which makes them the king of the industry.