Is League of Legends Coaching a Legitimate Part-Time Job?

One of the ways to improve your game is by hiring a League of legends coaching platform. This platform ranks the best coaches, offering challenger-level help for all champions and roles. The website also lists each coach’s qualifications. You can easily decide whether to hire a coach by reading their ratings and testimonials. Sensei platforms are also good places to learn how to become a better player in the game. You can choose the type of coach you need based on your personal requirements and level.

League of Legends coaching is a part-time job

For those interested in a lucrative part-time job in esports, League of Legends coaching can be a good choice. Team Liquid is hiring positional coaches to help their League of Legends team perform at its highest level. As a coach, you’ll be responsible for developing student-athletes’ physical, mental, and spiritual preparation. You’ll be interacting with team members in a variety of social settings. Ultimately, your success in this role depends on how well you know the game and can communicate with them.

Coaches can make PS400 to PS2,000 per month working with high-level teams. For mid-tier teams, however, you can make PS50-500 per month. Other streamers also offer League of Legends coaching services and charge between PS20 and PS100 per session. If you can land a spot on the world’s best teams, you can earn as much as PS6,200 per month.

It pays well

There are many benefits to League of Legends coaching. For one, it can help aspiring League players improve their skills. Coaches can also help players form competitive teams and rise through the ranks. This can be an excellent career option for players who love the game, but don’t have the necessary qualifications to teach it themselves. They can also develop a community on Twitch and become esports athletes. The following are some of the other benefits of League of Legends coaching.

If you’re interested in becoming a League of Legends coach, you should have a strong resume, including a high ranking and previous experience in the competitive scene. Alternatively, you could apply through job platforms like Fiverr or Gamer Sensei to be a coach. If you have a strong resume, you should be able to land a job in this lucrative industry. It’s also a great opportunity for those with experience in competitive gaming.

It is unwelcoming for newcomers

If you’re new to League of Legends, you may be wondering whether or not coaches can help you get a leg up on the competition. Whether you want to learn more about the game’s strategy or improve your teamfight tactics, coaches can help. League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) deathmatch game, and there are several types of coaching available. One of the most common is called One on One coaching, which means you’ll be learning League by yourself and with a coach who understands the challenges you face.

It is a part-time job

If you’ve ever wondered if League of Legends Coaching is a legitimate part-time job, you’re not alone. Many players are struggling to make ends meet, but there are many people just like you. Isles, who has been coaching League of Legends for two years, started out as an aspiring eSports athlete. He started playing the real-time strategy game StarCraft, but once the community cooled, he sought out a different game. In time, he found League of Legends, a lucrative market that would let him enjoy the benefits of winning without having to do the work himself.

A professional coach or analyst earns between PS400 and PS2,000 per month, depending on experience and location. Coaches with top-tier teams can earn up to PS2,000 per month. Mid-tier UKLC coaches earn between PS50 and PS200 a month. Some streamers offer coaching sessions as a side gig, charging between PS20 and PS100 per session. While this job is largely seasonal, it can lead to a substantial income.

It is expensive

It is understandable that League of Legends coaching is expensive, but there are alternatives. One popular method of League of Legends coaching is AI-based gaming. These coaches are available to provide guidance through practice, review match history, and give advice in between sessions. The costs of AI-based League of Legends coaching are significantly lower than those of traditional coaching. Another method is one-on-one coaching. You can choose between professional coaches and amateur ones.

Professional League of Legends coaches charge anywhere from $10 to $170 per hour, depending on qualifications and experience. While it may seem expensive at first, multiple lessons will save you money in the long run. For example, Neace charges up to $250 for private client coaching, $350 for a team of four, and $50 for a four-day bootcamp. League Coach’s statement claims that a player will see improvement within hours of training, and some players even book additional training.