Explore Premium Spiked Chain Necklaces Here

Explore Premium Spiked Chain Necklaces Here

Add a touch of boldness to your everyday look with this spiked chain. Crafted in responsibly sourced sterling silver, this piece pairs perfectly with other gunmetal pieces. This pendant features a dazzling pave of diamonds totaling 1 ct. T.W., adding to its dramatic silhouette.

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A coveted staple in every fashionista’s jewelry box, the spiked chain is the perfect way to elevate your look from basic to elevated. From bold, twisted forms to a simple gold version, this style can be the key component in any statement jewelry ensemble.

In 4E, a spiked chain is one of the few exotic weapons worth a Weapon Finesse feat (the other being a whip). When used to make a power attack, a spiked chain strikes all foes adjacent to the wielder with a threatening reach and inflicts damage equal to your Strength bonus. In addition, it inflicts the same amount of damage as a two handed power attack with any type of sword or mace.

Spiked chains are also a great choice for tripping Explore Premium Spiked Chain Necklaces Here! attacks, granting the user a +2 on opposed attack rolls to disarm their opponent. They can even be thrown as a threat against an adjacent creature to force them into a trap or to prevent a trip attempt.

For an edgy look, try a chain with multiple spikes that create an angular, geometric design. This style is a Vogue favorite and an excellent option for a statement necklace or bracelet. In addition, it works well as a base layer in your layered necklace looks.

Gender-neutral style has been a major trend in recent years and jewelry is no exception. Many of our favorite jewelry brands have created genderless collections that work for both men and women. Brooklyn-based designer Bernard James offers a blend of delicate and rugged designs. London jeweler Bleue Burnham combines nature and art for pieces that have an eccentric feel.

Founded in 2015, Foundrae’s mission is for each piece of jewelry to become a part of its wearer and to tell a personal story. The collection includes everything from tarot pieces to reimagined Art Deco styles. Almasika interprets global traditions and universal symbols, from the ancient Persian talismans of Darya Khonsary to the modern tarot shaped rings and earrings of Presley Oldham.