Birla Tisya Apartments – A Good Place To Stay In

Birla Tisya is one of the best beach resorts in India. This luxurious hotel is nestled on the sands of the golden sands of Andaman Sea. The luxury hotel accommodation is a combination of contemporary and traditional styles, and has a rich blend of Andaman cuisine as well as world-class entertainment. The hotel offers many options to choose from for accommodation. Some of the major Birla Tisya Apartments include Rangali, Anantara Durbar Square, Birla Vallini, Hotel Leela, Kala Jangala, Ashok Beach Resort, Puri Beach Resort, Taj Malabar Resort, Taj Mahal Palace, etc.

Birla Tisya apartments

Rangali: The rooms at Rangali are located on the top floor. The architecture and the decoration are done in the modern style. Each room has a private terrace and the view of the sea is just beautiful. The room service is provided round the clock.

Birla Temple: The Birla Temple is a big attraction for tourists. There is a huge devotee’s mass following here. The rooms are beautifully decorated with the western touch. The room services include cable television, telephone, broadband internet and other facilities available with the hotel. There is a helipad available to take the visitors to the airport. The hotel staff provides round the clock assistance to the guests.

Anantara Durbar Square: The Anantara Durbar Square is a place where the government offices and other important public places are located. Most tourists spend some time at this place. The hotel staff provides warm hospitality to their guests. The view of the sand kissing the golden sunset is really something to see. The prices of the Birla Tisya Apartments in this area are slightly higher than the normal rates.

Balcai Park: This is a well-known park with lots of greenery around. The Birla Tisya Apartments is located near the park. There is an exclusive swimming pool. The rooms have air conditioning and they have televisions. You can choose from a selection of luxurious Birla hotels here.

Birla Temple: This temple was built by the British. This is a big attraction for the tourists. Most of the rooms in the Birla Tisya Apartments have air conditioning. There are many eateries nearby. There are some handicapped facilities also available here.

Carlingha Safari Park: This park has everything for the kids. It has a safari car where the kids can enjoy driving around. Most of the rooms in the Birla Tisya Apartments have air conditioning. There are some nice restaurants nearby.

These are some of the top tourist spots that you can visit in Bangalore. If you are planning to stay in Birla Tisya Apartments, these are some of the best options. All the luxury hotels are around in this place. Make sure to do a little bit of research on the place before you start your hotel hunt in Bangalore.

Most of these hotels offer good deals and good value for money. These are excellent places to stay when you are here in Bangalore. These luxury hotels in Bangalore are known for offering services like restaurants, spas, pools and so forth. If you want to enjoy a romantic stay with your sweetheart, then a stay in these Birla Tisya Apartments is perfect for you. The hotel staff will make sure that you have a great time with your partner while you are staying here.

The apartments have all the modern amenities like air-conditioning, television sets, telephone lines, safety deposit box and so forth. You can use these facilities at any point of time during your stay in these Birla Tisya Apartments. The hotels here are also known for providing good customer service. Most of the people who have been to their hotels have been absolutely happy with them. The prices at which these apartments are sold are also quite reasonable.

The rooms in these Birla Tisya Apartments are well furnished and you can get yourself a good sleep. If you want to unwind on a weekend, then you can come to these Birla Tisya Apartments and enjoy the pool, the tennis court and many such facilities. There are many activities that you can do in these luxurious rooms. The food served in these rooms is also of excellent quality.

You can find a lot of luxury items in these rooms as well. You will be able to find LCD television sets, safes, foreign currency, Internet cafes and so on. Most of these rooms are located at the best part of the city and hence you will not face any difficulty in getting to these rooms. These Birla Tisya Apartments is perfect for honeymoons, family vacations and so on. The hotel staff will ensure that you get a comfortable stay here in these Birla Tisya Apartments in this hotel.